Ebony McClung Over The Tailpiece (OTP) XL

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Ebony McClung mandolin armrest OTP XL

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Ebony McClung mandolin armrest Over The Tailpiece

This armrest benefits those who play with their arm on top of the tailpiece.  It sits slightly higher and it cutout underneath so it can be positioned slightly or fully over the tailpiece of the instrument. Its size is relatively the same as our regular McClung armrests. Another benefit is to protect tarnishing of the tailpiece from contact with your skin.   Our ergonomic McClung armrests offer comfort and picking arm better control. The upward angle places your arm above the bridge. The enables the soundboard to vibrate more freely without dampening. The instrument will be louder.

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Weight 4 oz

1 review for Ebony McClung Over The Tailpiece (OTP) XL

  1. Mona Reese (verified owner)

    I bought a new mandolin which was thinner than my old one. It also has an exposed tailpiece that I rested my hand on and got string marks. This product solved those problems. I love it. It’s very pretty and not too expensive. I wish I could post a photo.

    • doughillcountrystringworkscom

      Thank you. I too use an OTP. just works better for me

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