Stringed Instrument Accessories

Located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country in Kerrville, Texas

Welcome to our passion

I craft finely made accessories for mandolin using domestic and exotic woods. My most popular item is the McClung mandolin armrest. Its unique angle makes it one of the best playing aids on the market. You got to check it out.   Doug Edwards

Mandolin Armrests

Choice select woods, domestic and exotic, hand-carved, dyed to match many popular colors and bursts. Finished in Tung oil, lacquer, or just sanded and polished to a satin glow. Some are inlaid with MOP and Paua Abalone. You are sure to be pleased with the workmanship and affordable price  of the ergonomic McClung style armrest


(aka, finger rest)

You’ll be pleased with the look and craftsmanship.

Abbreviated A style, F style, or Art Deco there’s one for you. Not only a pickguard to protect the top,  but a finger rest to aid in proper pick attack and playing.

Offered unbound or bound with celluloid binding.

Pick Boxes

These are really cool.  We use a variety of woods to create unique storage for armrest tools, batteries, and picks of course.  Many are inlaid. The lid pivots on a 1/8” brass pin and held closed by magnets.

These vary in size from 1 ½ –  1 ¾” x  2 “- 2 ½”