Sound advice- Get more out of your instrument

Want to improve your volume & tone?

A ToneGard  to allow the back of your instrument to vibrate freely. Plus reduce belly sweat by 25%


Armrest; we have a particular one in mind, but the armrest will help prevent dampening of the instrument top. Some offer more comfort and playing ease, such as the McClungs.


Picks; lots of choices. Look for one that feels good and sounds best to your ear. We like Apollo and BlueChip



Pickguard aka fingerest; a much debated accessory but the benefits are a referencepoint, again not dampening the top as well as protection


Strings; just like picks, these can be a constant search for just the right set. But by far the most economical solution to a better sound. They can make a difference to your overall tone. I like phosphor bronze sets. Happy hunting


Setup!!!; If you don’t do anything else, this is the most important. if it’s too uncomfortable to play you’ll disappointed with your instrument. You might trade up and still get something that’s not at its best. A good setup, action height, level frets, correct nut string height, & truss rod adjustment will be like having a new mandolin. You will enjoy playing it more and longer.