Except for the angle, they look quite conventional.  As
with many of my designs they will fit close to the tailpiece.
It takes about two weeks to produce a group of lacquer
McClungs from start to finishing. Six days for other
No routing, everything is carved and
sanded. The only routing it the 1/8" bottom
lip is use on all my armrests.
The McClung patent pending                                 Ready Stock
Curly Maple McClung
A new concept to the armrest design. I call it the
"McClung" armrest after Ron McClung, who asked why
one of my armrests was not angled. Ron is an  excellent
mandolin player.

It is shaped similar to my other armrests except it tapers
down toward the rim. The angle of the armrest follows
simular to the angle of the strings.  I find this allows the
arm and hand  to be in better position in relation to the
bridge,  provides better control, and is more ergonomic.
McClung Ready Stock
Evaluations & testimonials
A McClung compared
to a standard armrest.
The McClung design is now ten years old.  Several
improvements were made along the way. The shape
and size has changed several times, but the best angle
was discovered on the way.  Several improvements in
color/finish have  combined style with function.
One of the first
production McClungs.