HD Curly Maple  $45
HD is more vivid and tighter flame & special coloring
The McClung
A new concept in armrests
Please provide the depth of your mandolin when
The standard 29mm hardware will fit  1 3/4" - 1 7/8".
Chrome, Nickel, Black, &
Gold hardware
Collings MT w/Curly Maple McClung
Ask to see a McClung for a
test drive at:

Fiddler's Green Music Shop
1809 W. 35th
Austin, TX 78703  
Reserved for
custom order
Wayfaring Stranger
Elaina Mitchell: violin
David McClung: guitar
Doug Edwards: mandolin, standup bass
HCS 2011 Birdseye Maple two point
2011 HCS Birdseye 2point
Pick Boxes
$25 - $65
Spruce & Cedar
Curly Maple  $40
Ebony $50
Hardwoods $40- $45
1/2 OTP
1/2 OTP
(Over The Tailpiece)
Over The Tailpiece  (OTP)
If you play with your arm over the tailpiece or just
partially over, these are just the thing.
You won't believe the difference they can make.
Save money and help protect a
valuable resource with ebonized
Hi Doug -

Here's a pic of my two "kids" with their McClung
armrests installed. What a world of difference
these armrests made. Now the pick lines up
perfectly with the strings without having to bend
my wrist to an unnatural angle. They're absolutely

Please feel free to use
the picture and, if you
want, my hearty
endorsement of your
I'm a McClung convert!

Yours Sincerely,

Christina S.
Hi Doug,

My arm rest arrived - fits beautifully and
solves a problem for me.  The edge of
my arm was getting "creased badly" by
the edge of the mandolin... not any
more.  And it is so beautiful.

Thanks for a wonderful product!


Patricia A.
*FYI, Eastmans can be 1 5/8" - 1 7/8",
The Loar also.  Please check when
Instruments with rounded edges may
require special consideration.
Ebonizing is a chemical process using Tannin and
an iron solution.  Vinager and steel wool ect. create
the iron solution.
Ebonized Rosewood
Curly Maple OTP
(Over The Tailpiece $48

I've never written a review in my 56 years of life, but I
just had to thank you for exceeding my expectations
with the craftsmanship of your custom made McClung
inlay armrest for my Gibson F-5 Fern.  The color match
was perfect even though you were just working with
e-mailed pictures, and the finish of the wood is
extraordinary...like a highly polished jewel.

From a technical standpoint it has improved my
position on the mandolin and has made extended
hours of practice very comfortable.  The price you
charged was too low for the extraordinary job.  It is so
perfect it looks like a Gibson made accessory...those
were the comments from my fellow pickers.

Very happy to know such craftsmanship and attention
to detail still exists in the USA.

I've attached a few pictures of your armrest...it's never
coming off!

Best regards, Chris  

Doug, I wanted to take a minute to thank you and the “Elves” for such a nice
addition to my Loar  LM-600 mandolin.

The armrest fits perfectly and looks like it was made just for that mandolin’s
finish. Not only does it look great but it makes playing much more
comfortable. I almost purchased one from another outfit and am glad I found
you on the Café before I did.

Thanks again for the craftsmanship and quality.

Kind Regards.

Jay R.
Currently I'm not taking new custom orders.

Doug, just a note to tell you how pleased I am
with my new mandolin armrest.

As a Luthier, I recognize quality workmanship
and attention to detail and your armrests are
terrific and very affordable!

I picked one I thought most matched the pick
guard I had just made for my F-style mando
and it looks perfect.

I'll be sure to recommend you to all my
customers and pickin' buddies !

Brian Amato
Traverse City, Michigan
$47 Rosewood 1/2
EbonizedRosewood 1/2  $47
Hi Doug,

I received the arm rests, thank you. If you only made the standard model, that would still be a comfortable
improvement, but being able to compare the two, the McClung with that medium angle is the clear winner.  A
quick testimonial (feel free to use it if you like):

The McClung armrest is outstanding! I didn't know what I was missing playing without one for the last 17 years.  
It positions my arm such that the base of my hand/ my wrist falls naturally right over the bridge. Most importantly,
it just feels like part of the instrument--very natural, not intrusive in the least. I put it on, began playing and nearly
immediately forgot it was there.  The increased depth of the instrument under my arm allows me to rest my
forearm lighter on the mandolin, and encourages me to make minimal to no contact with the bridge top. The
result is that I play in a more relaxed, fluid way (and thus faster too). The improvement is more than subtle!  Looks
great on the mandolin as well.  Just wanted to add one more voice to the chorus of enthusiastic endorsements
for your fine handiwork.

Thanks again!
Best wishes to you and your family,

Ian Goldstein
Doctoral Candidate in Music
University of California, Berkeley
Congratulations to Jesse Brock, IBMA's
2015 Mandolin Player Of The Year!

Jesse uses a McClung armrest too.
Non-angled armrests
Standard Armrests
Curly Maple 1/2 OTP
Left Hand
More McClungs coming soon
Just wanted to share a quick Thanks
for a wonderful functional, and
beautiful piece of art. Within moments
of using the McClung  I could see
what the hype is about. It's perfect.
Congratulations to Stephen DeVilbiss,
winner of our March McClung drawing.
Check back for future drawings.
Macasser ebony
The wife and I are retiring the end of March.  We plan to travel quite
a bit the rest of this year to start out.
That means I'll be shipping remotely on the longer trips. I plan to
keep producing  products for Hill Country Stringworks for quite
some time, I just won't be in the shop as much.
The last several months have been tough on me physically from all
the repetitive motion. I have relied on extra help to keep things
moving and hope to have grand kids to pick it up later on.
I love what I do, but need a break.
Fits Big Muddy or Pancake styles only
It is perfect.  Within seconds, my
playing improved from this simple
posture adjustment.  Plus, it's a
beautiful piece of wood.

Cheers, Sir!  Happy retirement!

Roland F
Curly Maple 1/2 OTP
Curly Maple 1/2 OTP
More Ebony in production
Big Muddy
Ebonized Walnut
We'll be out of the shop 5/28 - 6/4
Ebony w/Hill Hardware $55