Are you like me?  

I was satisfied with my relationship with God, although I
rarely prayed or went to church. I took offense to those
that questioned my going to heaven or not and really did
not want to discuss my spiritual life. I felt I was  a better
Christian that most people I come in contact with and
was an honest good person.

God has way of getting out attention every now and then.
September 11th was a wake up call to a lot of folks. The
threat attack anywhere any time can surely remind you
of our mortality. It's said there are no atheists in a fox

God got my attention when my step-brother suffered a
head injury. The doctors gave him no hope of surviving.
Jeff was in a coma for six weeks when he just woke up.
He went through re-hab and was able to live a good life
even though there were some permanent physical
limitations due to the injury. I felt I had seen God move
in Jeff's life and sought to get closer to God. I believed in
Jesus, but found out I'd never met Him.

After several month's I came to the realization I had not
been born again (John 3:3). I could not think of a time
and place I gave my life to Jesus and trusted Him to save
me (Romans 10:13).  Sounds simple enough, but you
really have to believe, not just think or know about it
(Romans 10:9-10). It is a real experience to confess
yourself as a sinner, repent,  accept Jesus Christ as you
Lord and Saviour , and follow Him.

The question has been asked before, "If you were wrong
about your belief that you'd go to heaven, Would you
want to know the truth?"

The rest of the story about Jeff.  September 11, 2003, he
was mowing out in front of the house. A cloud blew up
and he was killed by lightening.  He was killed about ten
feet from where he had his head injury 22 years earlier
. I
gave this same testimony at his funeral and eleven people
accepted the Lord.  It had nothing to with me telling a
story but all about God getting people's attention.

I'm not perfect, nor will I be any time soon. I'm proud to
serve a Saviour that loves me no matter what and who
will  forgive me of my many sins as I confess them
(1John 1:9).  Call me, if I can help. 817-239-6425

Doug Edwards

Side Note:  The mp3 below is a song I wrote about Jeff.
So many people from his church told stories of how he
was always there helping everyone.