Snakewood McClung XL


Snakewood McClung XL mandolin armrest

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Snakewoodl McClung XL mandolin armrest

Also called Letterwood and Leopardwood. Color: dark red to reddish brown with irregular black speckles or stripes. Fine textured and highly lustrous. Very hard and heavy, 75-84 lbs/cu ft. Takes a beautiful finish. Very rare and very expensive. Guyana and Surinam...highly polished and a wax finish

XL New for 2022. Like our other McClungs but a little longer, 4 1/2” - 4 5/8” long.  Its about 17% larger, just more to love,
Our ergonomic McClung armrests offer comfort and picking arm better control. The upward angle places your arm above the bridge. The enables the soundboard to vibrate more freely without dampening. The instrument will be louder.

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