Inlaid McClungs

Our inlays are hand cut and inlaid by hand.  We use mother of pearl, abalone, reconstituted stone, a variety of figured wood, and crushed stone in our inlays.

Most of our inlaid armrests are ebony
Sometimes called Gabon or Gaboon, this Ebony is sometimes jet black but oftentimes has grayish streaks that mostly disappear when finished.  We finish our ebony with Teak oil and Behlens ‘deluxing’ compound. We also like to use Macassar ebony from Asia.  It has the same qualities as Gabon ebony but is figured with brown streaks.

The standard 27mm hardware will fit side depths of 1 5/8” – 1 7/8”.  Our 28mm hardware from 1 ¾” – 2 ¼”.  We have nickel and gold hardware.  Please specify hardware preference with your order.


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