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I get  positive comments all the time. i can't
post all I receive, but I do post the ones that
are more descriptive.   It's great to know you
are doing something right.  thanks
this afternoon with the new AAA maple armrest fitted and it sounds SO much better. I
didn't notice it so much on my other Weber Bitterroot but on this it is really amazing.

I have a McIntyre feather pickup fitted and the combination of the armrest and playing
with a bit of pickup has made this a new sound experience. Thank you for services
rendered, much appreciated. Will send you a couple of pics sometime. Please feel
free to use my appreciations on your website.

John Edwards, Scotland
I sent Big Joe a Fat McClung and one of the OTP McClungs out for evaluation:

Thank you for your patience.  I finally have had a chance to put them to
the test.  I had the guys in the shop go over them also and we all had the
same impression.

Fat McClung:
Comfort:  Reasonable comfortable
Appearance:  Looks quite large but also is reasonable attractive
Control or feel:  Feels good, but a bit big.  I like the standard Mc Clung
better but this is quite nice.
Top vibration:  Works like all the good armrests
Price:  Right price for the product

McClung OTP:
Comfort:  Extremely comfortable
Appearance:  Looks large, but really seems to be quite attractive
Control:  Very good control.  I like it the best of all of them for control and
feel and comfort
Top vibration:  Works like all good armrests
Price:  Seems a bit low.

I prefer the McClung OTP of the two because it is a bit more comfortable
and seems a bit more attractive with the tailpiece cover.

I don't know there is much difference in the two except a bit more
comfort with the OTP.

I think you are doing a Great Job!  Keep up the good work and thank you
for allowing me to appraise your products.  They certainly are worth the
price you ask and I wish you blessings and great success!

Big Joe Vest, Nashville TN   
Big Joe's Guitar Works
I bought an armrest from you a month or 2 ago. I have to say that is it the
most comfortable accessory that I have ever bought! I have shared my
mando at jams with several friends and expect you'll hear from a few of
them. A couple names to look for will be Joe ___, Jim ____ and Chris
____, all  from Virginia. We play in the same ensemble. They have read
about the armrest on the Cafe but mine was the first they saw in person.
All of them have said WOW.
Thanks again,

I got it yesterday.............perfecto!!!

Never thought it could be so comfortable...and feel so natural.  I think it's
the best.

Looks fine..finished nicely...fits perfectly.. I like having arm
off the top....can't say enough good things about the arm rest.  The sound
if affected is better.....

thank you...mmm thinking about guitar now...

carm iadovito, FL
Hi Doug- Many thanks for the excellent job on the arm rest! I had an
outdoor gig on Saturday and was using a little piece of T shirt (so messy!)-
I got home and the armrest was there (and that was FAST!)- I popped it on
and it is just such a nice feeling under the arm- and the finish matches
very closely to my top as well. I'll be using it tonight at our department
concert at Berklee, and my right arm will be more relaxed for it.

I am spreading the word all around Boston and I hope you'll get a few new
customers from it. I really appreciate great craftsmanship and customer

Thanks very much again, and best wishes to you and your family!

John McGann
Associate Professor, Strings
Berklee College of Music
Doug, you were so correct about the McClung. Comfortable (really don't
even notice it is there), angle is perfect, helps keep hand  in the correct
position, no sore arm now, improves the sound by not having arm across
that area of mando and it looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful design and

A bargain for what you charged. Thanks again.

Lon DeCavallas
Hi Doug,
my Mclung armrest arrived here in the UK today.Thanks for the prompt shipping.
Its a beautifully made thing and looks and feels absolutely fantastic on my
Eastman Mandolin (I've attatched a couple of photo's). The colour and look of the
Maple exactly matches the rear of the Eastman, its as if it were made from the
same cut of wood.
As soon as I had installed it I could hear a big difference in tone and volume and it
lifts my arm off the body at the perfect angle. I will be honest and say that I was not
expecting it to be as well made as it is, nor for that matter did I really expect it to
make so much difference to the playabillity of the mandolin. So everything I had
read on The Mandolin Cafe was true!.
The only minus was that I had to pay a whopping $16 in custom's charges ( $6 in
UK tax and a $10 handling fee from our Postal service, what a rip- off!). At the end
of the day the armrest is still worth it, I would rather have seen the extra I had to
pay go to your good self though!.
thanks again for a great service, now all I have to do is learn how to play the

kind regards

Paul Rudderham (Cheshire, UK)
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