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Hello Doug,
I have received and installed the pick guard you crafted.  Thank you so much.  It's
not only a perfect fit but exactly what I wanted.  The install with the pins already
attached was a quick install.  The craftsmanship is beautiful. I'm very happy with it!!
Thank you again and I'll be spreading your name all over, great price aside.  It really
is worth talking about.

regards and God Bless,
Tim Lukacsko (Lucas)  Cleveland Ohio
Well, the comparisons have been done.  I alternately installed the high
angle armrest you sent out last week on both the A5 and the F5.  I was able
to compare the feel of it to the medium angle armrests that you originally
made for me.

And the results are in............ the original medium angle armrests win!*

Actually, the angles achieved differed little enough that I had a hard time
detecting any real difference in my hand position.  However, the mediums
seemed to be a bit more comfortable over time spent picking.  So I will be
keeping the originals and I have sent back to you the high angle armrest in
this morning's mail, along with reimbursement for your extra postage.

While doing the switchouts, I again picked both mandos without the armrests
in place.  I was again reminded of the HUGE improvement in comfort without
the sharp edge of the rim digging into my forearm.  Oh but does it make a
difference!  Plus, my hand is in a much better position with the armrests.

Again, I want to thank you for the beautiful staining of the pieces.  They
really add to the appearance of the instruments.  And I really appreciate
your patience in letting me try out the higher angle.

James A. Purvis, Ph.D.        *
95% the  medium angle used on my McClung is the right
                                               one.. Early on I made two angle choices, High & Medium.
The mandolin armrest is beautiful!  It fit my Eastman just right.  It feels a little different
when I play, but I also feel like my right hand is in a better position.  And I'm getting a
better sound from my mandolin.  I'm glad I got it.  I'll be heading off to Kaufman Kamp in
June and I'm going to be telling folks there about my armrest* for sure!

Susan Horn
Colorado Springs, CO                                 
*Susan purchased a basic standard with inlay
"Just got the armrest today. I really like it!  You're right--the elevated armrest puts the
playing hand in a much better position. Not only that, but I can really tell a difference in the
sound--now that my arm isn't touching the body of the mando, Thanks again.

Clark Tomlin, Jr, Cumming, GA
Now I feel really bad because I went by the post office to mail my check and my armrest was
there.  All I can say is... WOW!  This thing is fantastic!  I can't think of a better accessory for a
mandolin, and I will let the Cafe folks know my opinion.  You should be able to retire making
these things, they are just wonderful.

I will look at my other mandolins when I get home and see what sort of woods will match.  I
intend to outfit all them all.

Chip, Sun Valley ID                                       *
Chip is not only a great player, but an instructor as well

Chipbooth's post on the Mandolin Cafe's message board:  Mandolin Cafe

I just received a McClung style armrest from Cafe member Doug Edwards, and folks, I gotta
tell you this is the best money I have ever spent on a mandolin accessory.  The angle of the
armrest puts my hand in just the correct position to keep it elevated and off of the bridge.  I
felt an immediate improvement in my picking motion.  And the angle combined with the well
polished wood feels great, far more comfortable than a standard armrest or a bare mandolin.
Just thought I would let you know I received the armrest today.  Looks very good on the
Kentucky.  Installed it in about 3 minutes.  I was amazed that I actually noticed an
improvement in my playing almost immediately (one week on the mandolin-10years on
the guitar).  I am loving playing the mandolin.  It is a lot of fun.


Mike Scott, Kent WA
Hello Doug.

I received the armrest yesterday, and got it installed on my mando last night. It is really
beautiful and the fit is perfect.  More importantly, it is a pleasure to play with the armrest
on.  Not only is it more comfortable for my arm, but it seems to position my right hand
better to play more relaxed and cleanly.    

I want to thank you for your excellent work and this great product.  I couldn't be happier!

Rich, Redmon WA
Doug--just wanted to let you know the armrest arrived on Friday--I
installed it and am incredibly happy with the feel/angle and the
improved tone.  I have an Eastman 515 that I really lucked out on in
terms of quality/tone/sustain, and I never realized the how much
improvement I could get in tone by using your armrest.  I am truly
amazed.  Thanks again.

Kind Regards,
Kirk Lawrence, Germany
I received the arm rest in the mail yesterday. I think that the Walnut really
matched up nicely to my Silverangel.(See attached photo)

When I first put the rest on it seemed a bit awkward because it was as if I
was learning  to play over again. However, I could instantly tell that I had
faster wrist action and my noting was cleaner and that there was no pressure
on the bridge. It definitley makes it easier to play and more comfortable.
The more that I play it the more that I get used to it.

As far the tone goes, I can tell a difference in the tone but, I like what I
hear. This mandolin is mega loud on the G and A strings. The extra weight of
the rest has tamed those two strings down and balanced the tone out across
all of the strings which, gives it a warmer feel. I am very pleased with the
quality of work and the great customer service.-Thanks!

Brian Given
Morehead, KY
Doug, Thanks for bangin out this armrest so fast!  I wish I could play that quickly!  
Anyway, I put it on my Weber Buffalo right away, and as soon as my right arm touched it ,
it said "AHHHHHHHHHHH". I still can't believe what a difference that little hunk of wood
makes! I can't thank you enough. Be good and good luck to you.  Peace,  Robby Dufrane
The armrest arrived today and I really do like it.  It seems such a natural fit I feel like I've
been using it for a long time after only a few minutes experience with it.  Super
workmanship!  Thanks a lot!

Las Vegas, NV
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