What are the different hardware options?
You have your semi-Hill, standard, and Hill
style.  The hardware is violin or viola chinrest
screws. Currently stocking chrome, nickel,
black, & gold hardware.
All work the same, some have more style to
them. The semi-Hill and standard both attach
by holes drilled in the back of the armrest.
The Hill style is countersunk and attached by
screws on the underside of the armrest. Both
Hill styles are discontinued.
What is the "McClung" armrest?
It is a new concept in armrest design. The armrest is shaped to slope from front
to back to provide and angle simular to the angle of the strings sloping to the
bridge. You have more arm contact and control of the instrument.
How tight should the armrest be tightened?
Just tight enough to hold it in place. Too tight really might damage a finish.
I provide a tightening tool with each armrest, most of the time it will bend
before getting too tight.
Do I need a pick guard?
If you post your pinkie or fingers, or
touch the top of your mandolin when
you play, you will love a pick guard
(finger rest). The strings are usually
high enough to prevent the pick
doing damage, but you will wear a
spot in the finish with your fingers. A
pick guard will protect your top and
give you a reference as you play.
Does size matter?
That's a personal thing. Sometimes less is more, but I like a thicker size
up to .60". I also like a larger shape for better arm contact. I love the
"McClung" style.
Will the pick guard muffle the volume?
This is much debated among players. Most of the pick guards I make are the
abbreviated style that do not cover the F holes.
How will an armrest benefit me?
An armrest can provide greater comfort and control.  I have many teachers
recommend the McClung to their students.
Check out the evaluations left by my customers.
How do the pick guards attach, I don't
want to drill holes?
I use the traditional method with two pins
made from nails or rivets. It does require
drilling holes into the pg and fret board.
Gluing one to the fret board would cause
way more damage than drilling holes (they
can be filled later).
Will an armrest damage my finish?
It is possible to cause some damage using
and armrest. Using a strap, tuner, and arm
contact will also damage a finish.
Currently I'm using leather under the armrest
and lower clamp.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will a pickguard or armrest  
damage my instrument?

How about, "if I don't use
one, can I damage the top"?
This armrest has been in continious use since
2011. NOT a mark from it.  And that was on a, just
off the bench, new mandolin.
I can't say that for the rest of the instrument.  It's
played all the time and has many dings and play
Can you use an armrest with a
No problem.  A great
combination.  The back and the
top are allowed to vibrate more
I use a Tone-Gard!
The Hill style hardware is discontinued