I do a lot of custom pickguards. Often I'll have the customer trace
the shape of the curve of the mandolin (to the point on an F) from
the fretboard. Then I can match the curve of the mandolin with the
Something different. By special order

Call it  Art Deco,  A, or whatever style.
A sleek sculptured design modeled
after a Montelone pickguard.
Gabon Ebony or Rosewood
These are radiused  from .130" on the
bass side to .07" on the treble.
1 3/4" x 5 5/8"(or longer)  $30
(Thanks to Jan for sharing photos of her mandolin)
This page has not been updated
in quite a while.  Over the next
week I'll be uploading new
ready stock & examples.
These blanks are just part of
whats available. They're already
for binding and finish
Curly Maple
Ready for your  color
Ready to go