I received the armrest today. It sure is a top notch product!... fits
perfectly... very well designed. I am actually getting a better tone
and feel for the strings since I am not leaning my hand on the
bridge and my right hand seems to be in a better position to pick
the strings. I am glad that many people on mandolin cafe
recommended you. Thanks again.

Frank Tiedemann
Armrest received Monday. I spent a rare 3 hours of alone-time in front
of a microphone/recorder and I am truly just "tickled". Beautiful work,
unobtrusive design and most of all, FUNCTIONAL!. My hand is now
where it belongs and I definitely notice an improvement in volume and

Thanks again Doug!


The McClung arm rest arrived a couple of weeks ago and I must tell you
that I don't know how I've gotten along without one.  The pitched design
If I am out of position I know it right away because I'm suddenly aware of
the arm rest.  When my position is correct I do not even know the arm
rest is there and I am right on the sweet spot.

I'm just a amateur picker of hopefully intermediate competence but I think
that this one of the best accessory purchases I have ever made.

Thank You!

Got the armrest today, beautiful!  I have a Siren armrest on my old mandolin
which is nice, but the workmanship on yours is hands down superior.  I
tightening cylinders.  It is very comfortable, stays attached and connects
flush with the rim, looks great on the mandolin and gives my arm that
effortless boost.

Easy on the eyes and the arm, fast friendly service, and a great product,
can't beat that, thanks!

out.  my god, I think already my right hand technique has improved.  the
angle is exactly what i needed (long spindly arms arent always the best for
playing angles).  I will definitely put one on every mandolin I use from now
on, and the quality is out of this world.  I can't thank you enough for making
these at such high quality for such reasonable prices.  I'll definitely
recommend the McClung as the FIRST accessory for every mandoliner I
know, maybe before a tuner, haha.

Thank you!

Matthew Shelley

I just posted the following on Mandolin Café.

Based on comments from the rest of you, I bought a McClung armrest from Doug
Edwards. Absolutely great to deal with! Equally important, the armrest works
great on my Weber Yellowstone F. I like it so well I bought one from Doug
for my Collings MT also. Both are substantially more comfortable to play
with the McClung armrest, and I feel my "angle of attack" is better too. I
( and the McClung armrest.

So, you can see how I feel.    
Mandolin Cafe post

My McClung armrest arrived today. I was excited to get it on my mandolin and play
but took a few minutes to closely examine it. As I was turning it over in my hands my
10 year old son was watching and said "It looks like artwork". That is exactly what it
is, a beautiful sculpture of form and function. It seemed almost a shame to put it on
Nonetheless, I put it on my mandolin. It went on quickly and easily. It fits like it was
custom made and looks tremendous. The rosewood was a perfect match.
I was most impressed with how it seemed to integrate with my instrument and
disappear under the rocking movement of my arm. I thought maybe I'd have an
"adjustment period" but I've been playing for a couple of hours now and all I notice is
that my forearm isn't rubbed sore from the corner of my instrument. I like the angle of
the rest, it flows perfectly with my hand and arm position. I would have to say from
day one I am a very satisfied customer.
Thank you,
Marty Canary

I received the armrest and it both looks and works great. I first saw one of
your armrests on one of my students mandolins and loved the design. I'm
glad that I found out about your product and am very satisfied with the one
that I ordered. Thanks so much and I will recommend them to anyone who
might ask about it.

All The Best,
Adam Steffey
Hi Doug,
I got the new armrest today, and I installed it after work tonight!. I must say
that I really love it!!! It is perfect in the way that it conforms to the upward
angle of my arm, and I love the way in which my arm actually rests over
the tailpiece, and is now supported sufficiently. What a great and well
thought-out design! Thank you soo much. I will be selling my smaller
un-angled ebony armrest now.

And that was very fast shipping also!! Thank you again so much!!

Jeff Mayer
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