Choice select woods, domestic and
exotic, hand carved, dyed to match
many popular colors and bursts.
Finished in Tung oil, lacquer, or just
sanded and polished to a satin glow.
Some are inlaid with MOP and Paua
Abalone. Whether it is  a stylish
standard model or the ergonomic
McClung style you are sure to be
pleased with the workmanship and
affordable price .
Hill Country Stringworks
Hand crafted mandolin accessories from the Texas Hill Country, including the
innovative  McClung  armrest,  pickguards, & truss rod covers. As well as
various  hand made  instruments and unique items.
Welcome to my website and my
passion.  I craft finely made
accessories for mandolin and
guitar using domestic and exotic
woods. Plus, an instrument here
and there.

My most popular item is the
McClung mandolin armrest.
Its unique angle makes it one of
the best playing aids on the
market. You gotta
check it out.

about me             Doug Edwards
Mandolin Armrests
Instrument Stands
Truss Rod Covers
Got a question?
email or call  817-239-6425
Curly Maple McClung on a
Collings MT
Bound Ebony PG and Ebony
McClung on a Collings MT2
Ebony TRC with
Paua Abalone
IXTHUS fish and
MOP center
Curly Maple F5 stand dyed
to match the sides and pg.
Ready made or custom, you'll be
pleased with the look and craftsmanship.
Abbreviated A style, F style, or Art Deco
there's one for you.  Not only a
pickguard to protect the top, but a
fingerest to aid in proper pick attack
and playing.
Offered unbound or bound with celluloid
These are also hand made with carved
scrolls for  a classy F5 look. Need I say
more? Most are 5/8" (or more) thick
with routed edges. Felt is placed where
the mandolin comes in contact and
Velcro closures to keep it in place. All
Brass hardware, plus it folds!  These
are  made in Pine, Sycamore, Red
Oak, Cherry, and Curly Maple with a
lacquer finish.
By special order
Who wants to spend hundred's or
even thousand's of dollars for an
guitar or mandolin  and have a $2
plastic TRC?

I make several from Ebony, Maple,
Rosewood, ect.  Many I make for
customers are inlaid. Simple pre-cut
inlays are the least expensive and
have the quickest turnaround. Custom
jobs will obviously cost more and can
take longer to complete.  
I dabble with instrument making some
and will also have a used instrument
from time to time. Check back often for
the latest offerings.  Currently three in
progress, two F5's and an A5 style.

The same care I put into my other
projects go into everything I build.
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Lost Maples State Park in the Texas Hill
Country.   Don't you just love Maple?
Maury River Blues
Jesse uses a McClung!
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